Friday, 25 January 2013

DVI Splitter: Amplifies DVI video and projects it on multiple DVI displays

Multiple DVI video displays can be connected to a single DVI video input using the DVI Splitter. This device acts as a signal amplifier that allows you to place up to eight DVI monitors away from your computer or DVI signal source and sends the same image to all displays simultaneously. By cascading or daisy chaining these video splitters, the number of display units can be increased. To view DVI video over even larger distances, these splitters can be connected with DVI extenders via STP/UTP cables. Monitors, HDTV’s, Projectors, and Plasma screens can all be driven by them.

Also known as DVI Distribution amplifiers, these devices reproduce the digital video signal and maintain high resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz without any distortion in images being displayed. These splitters are easy to install and come with plug and play functionality. A user just needs to connect the DVI video source to the splitter whose output is connected to the DVI video displays. One of the advantages of using this splitter is that it allows you to use a single source to send video to multiple locations instead of requiring a separate system for each. Another advantage is that it supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors. The DVI Video Splitter is available in various types, including one input, two output single-link video; a one input, four output single-link video; and a one input, two output dual-link video signal splitter.

The first one distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to two Single-Link displays whereas the second one distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to four Single-Link displays and the last model distributes a Dual-Link DVI video source to two Dual-Link displays. HDMI Splitter is also a nice choice for transmitting video signsla. Classrooms, Healthcare facilities, Command and Control centers, Casinos, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Airports, Stores, Stock Exchanges, Shopping Malls, Help desks, Presentations, Remote monitoring and training facilities and digital signage applications are areas where the DVI Splitter is an ideal hardware device to use.

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